Moving in & meeting people

Don't worry - during freshers week everyone is nervous about meeting people. Here are some useful tips to help you get to know other students.

Making Friends at University


Get to your new digs early so you can settle in and unpack, that way you have a refuge that feels less alien and more homely. Also it leaves you time later in the day to meet people and have pres before your first night out. 

Freshers UV Rave is the most popular freshers week event and normally sells out each year before you'll move into your halls so we advise to make sure you're not the only fresher without a ticket and buy yours early.

Make sure you prop your door open while you're unpacking. That way, people can see you exist - it's a guaranteed way to meet people as they wander past. 

As soon as you've met one person, go around knocking on everyone's door in your block with them. You'll be less nervous in a pair, and you can meet quite a few people together - why not organise a few big halls nights out while you're at it?


Make sure you try to find coursemates early . If you meet someone, exchange numbers and agree to go to the first few lectures together. It is easier to meet new people once you're already with someone. Even better, organise a trip to the uni bar after the first lecture with whoever wants to attend.

Don't stop talking to random people just because freshers' week finishes. Keep going and keep meeting people. As everyone settles in they'll be much more relaxed and less like they are on best 'friend-making' behaviour...