Societies & Freshers' Fairs

The ultimate welcome to student life, your Freshers' Fair!

Included in the fair are all the clubs, societies and sports teams together with a collection of local and national businesses, live entertainment, sports demos, music, food and drink!

This is your opportunity to meet fellow students with similar interests, grab freebies from the biggest and best companies in the city and sign up to some incredible clubs and societies.

Making the most out of University


First off - enjoy the freshers experience! Remember, freshers week tickets always sell out before you move into halls so it’s essential to buy your tickets early!

University is probably the best opportunity you will ever have to try new sports, games, hobbies and activities. These will never be so cheap and easily available again. Have a look around the stalls and see what takes your fancy.

Most societies charge a small fee. You don't have to pay up front, although you may receive a small discount if you do. Ask about taster events and put your name down for the mailing list or the Facebook group.


Try something different or unusual. Smaller societies are often grateful for members and will devote more effort to each member, making them a more rewarding experience. More obscure sports are often more willing to cater for beginners, whereas mainstream sports may require previous experience of playing at a high level; some big sports societies even insist on trials.

Sign up for as many things as you fancy; until you try a few sessions, you won't know which societies are well run and which activities you will enjoy. A sensible number is 4-5 different activities. Try to make sure they don't all clash however!